headband :: INVITE OUT

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headband is an ongoing experiment designed to continually expand musical boundaries. Former members of funk impresarios mamaSutra join forces with a rotating line-up of adventurous players to create unique sonic explorations. Previous headband incarnations have included such avant-garde performers as Alex Uren, Avi Yazditbar, and keyboard phenom Holly Bowling.

With an emphasis on maximizing the experience while listening with headphones, headband uses a wide multitude of stereo effects and mixing techniques.

Recorded over the span of one long evening jamming in our patented "instrumental silent disco" setup, “Invite Out” incorporates 100% improvisational music and space sections woven together into a seamless 99 minute auditory journey that challenges you to open your ears wide.


Headband :: INVITE OUT

Mixed & Mastered by Russell Spurlock
Arranged by Greg Hartstein & Russell Spurlock
All compositions written & performed by headband
Album Art: Greg Hartstein

New Video Released! :: "Morning Madness"

...but isn't that a sunset? ;-)

Just the tip... "Peddle"

Dip your toes in the water before you bite off the whole shebang!

Track Listing:

  1. Island Sunset Fade Away >
  2. It’s Not a Party Until Somebody Breaks a Glass >
  3. Savoree >
  4. Space Dust >
  5. Eight Bit Boogie >
  6. Bloody Handle Wax >
  7. Off the Road >
  8. Lupita Nyong’o >
  9. Drip Drop Dream >
  10. The Elf and the Troll >
  11. You Have a Lovely Sun Tan Man >
  12. Morning Madness >
  13. Peddle

“Invite Out” Personnel:

  • Russell Spurlock: Lead Guitar
  • Robert Staley: Rhythm Guitar
  • Greg Hartstein: Bass Guitar
  • Ben Martin: Drums
  • Joe Coleman: Effects / Percussion
  • Scott Stone: Vocals / Percussion / Lights

How to do it:

This album is best taken in a single dose... preferably with speakers strapped to your head

Headband :: INVITE OUT

Images from the night:

Headband :: INVITE OUT


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